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The first LINEA shop opened in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta back in 1991. The idea then was to provide a wide selection of quality shoes with a 'European look' which was an uncommon find in those days in Jakarta. The approach taken was to open reasonably priced multi-brand shops, with collections sourced from Europe, mainly Italy and Spain. 


Over the years, with the constant addition of new brands and the extention of sourcing to Brazil, France and UK and keeping up with Jakarta market’s pine for quality, fashionable shoes at a price which would not break the bank, LINEA has become one of Jakarta’s darling destination shops.


Since 2010, LINEA has become part of PT Mitra Adi Perkasa Tbk, Indonesian's largest retail company with over 1,500 stores and a portfolio of more than 100 international brands such as ZARA, LACOSTE, MARK & SPENCER, STARBUCKS, SWATCH, etc.


There are now eleven LINEA shops of which ten stand-alone stores and one shop-in-shop in GALERIES LAFAYETTE, as well as one MeeToo outlet at the mid-low market segment.